Gretchen Mueller

About Brand Explorations and Gretchen Mueller

Brand Explorations began in 1998 - originally the ad research division of a small, automotive research firm. Gretchen Mueller took the reigns as sole owner in 1999 and diversified the business.

Brand X specializes in advertising, positioning, and branding research. The firm's work is centered in the qualitative arena.

Gretchen Mueller graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics from Indiana University. She has nineteen years of market research experience in qualitative and quantitative, central location one-on-ones and focus groups, on-site B2B interviews, in-home ethnographic interviews, immersion and inspirational sessions. Her scope spans domestic, international, and multi-national projects.

Gretchen is passionate about bringing together consumers and company representatives for brainstorming and ideation. Attention to detail and personal service, as well as meeting 'yesterday' deadlines, are cornerstones of Brand X.

if you want to take your brand to the moon, you'd better have your feet on solid ground before you launch...